Cecilia Chen, an international corporate executive and passionate educator, is also an ardent supporter of international exchange opportunities. She co-founded ACEE with a group of devoted educators in 2014.

Cecilia’s personal journey as a teenager traveling to the U.S. from China cultivated her deep commitment to international education. Her first-hand experience provides her with an intimate appreciation for the challenges facing international students living abroad. This understanding also enables her to encourage students toward success and equip them with the necessary skills to not only survive but thrive in a foreign environment. Her own dedication, hard work, and intellect helped Cecilia carve out her niche in the global entertainment industry, earning her the distinction of being the youngest vice president in the joint-venture between Fox Entertainment and HUAYI Brother Entertainment.

In 2012, Cecilia joined the company MCT Technology as its vice president and made it one of the largest technology providers to the Education Department in California. President Barak Obama even invited Cecilia and her husband Zhiwen Tan to attend an appreciation dinner after he won his second term in the White House.

Cecilia continues to be a strong advocate for international students and works toward ensuring their experiences prepare them for success in the global marketplace.