March Fong Eu was an American politician in the Democratic Party best known for her service as the former Secretary of State of California. She earned an Ed.D. from the Stanford Graduate School of Education in 1954, was elected Secretary of State of California in 1974. Eu became the first Asian-American woman ever elected to a state constitutional office in the United States. She was elected Secretary of State five times. In 1978 she won every county in the state, even heavily Republican Orange County, making her one of only four Democrats to win the county in a statewide race in the last half century. She resigned in 1994 when President Bill Clinton nominated her for an ambassadorship. Until 2006, Eu remained the only woman to serve as California Secretary of State. After retiring from government service, Eu enthusiastically launched herself into charity work and education. She co-founded the American Chinese Exchange Association with Sandra Tung, a former colleague in government, and focused on helping more Chinese students achieve their educational dreams. Mrs. Eu is the honorary chairman of both the American Chinese Exchange Association and ACEE Educational Institute.